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Articulatory and Phonological Disorders

Phonological Disorders : Phonological disorders are deficits in areas including speech production, perception and other phonological processes. A phonological disorder could vary between children, and often displays patterns of sound errors persisting past expected developmental time. Some children often overuse certain patterns to make their speech production easier. For example, some children display habits of fronting […]

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Developmental Apraxia of Speech

Developmental Apraxia of Speech is an impairment of speech production at the motor level that affects children’s phonological development. Apraxia is not an issue of weaknesses in muscles, it is a motor execution problem that occured in the brain. Although presenting symptoms may vary, common characteristics of this speech order include: speech-sound errors, difficulty in […]

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Stuttering is a complicated communication disorder seen in both adults and children, and often is associated with a person’s ability to produce ongoing fluent speech. According to existing literature and research, stuttering usually begins in early childhood, and is considered the most common fluency disorder. Some common characteristics of stuttering include: disruption of fluency during […]

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Receptive and Expressive Language Delay

Therapy Goals Develop your vocabulary. Use words with a range of meanings, comparisons, and associations as well as categorizations to expand the meanings of your text. Add in synonyms by looking for words with similar meaning, attributes by considering the commonalities, and functions by noting any differences. Analogies are a powerful writing technique for developing […]

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Social Communication

Social communication disorder is defined by patients’ challenges utilizing verbal and nonverbal languages for social purposes. Patients often struggle with social interaction, pragmatics, social cognition and behaviors such as eye contact, body language, and facial expressions. Patients with this specific disorder often have a hard time executing the appropriate communication skills for various social contexts […]

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Accent Modification

Each individual speaks and communicates in their own unique way. We live in a world where it is more probable than not that our friends, neighbors, neighborhood grocers etc. all sound different and say things differently. Accents may differ depending upon the region where a speaker comes from or may be a result of learning […]

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Aphasia refers to an impaired ability to understand or produce speech as a result of damage to the brain, normally a stroke or traumatic brain injury. The severity of aphasia can range from a mild form, with some occasional trouble getting a word out occasionally or may be quite severe, with no verbal expression and […]

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Stuttering or Fluency Disorder

Stuttering or stammering refers to a breakdown in the fluency of our speech. This fluency disorder may be due to an underlying disease or other factors that mainly include family history, psychological or emotional or just generally when a child is learning how to speak. Sometimes children will gradually overcome their stutter with age while […]

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Adult Motor Speech Disorders

These most commonly refer to what is known as Dysarthria and Apraxia of Speech.  Dysarthria refers to poor control and weakness within speech musculature while apraxia refers to impaired sequencing of movements involved in speech production. A large number of neurological conditions can cause these conditions, in my experience as a speech therapist the most […]

November 27, 2020 admin No Comments

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder benefits from personalised approaches that address their unique needs. At home and at school, strategies are developed to help kids on the spectrum cope with any challenges they have. At Sparc Health, our team work with children who are young enough to learn at an accelerated rate. We partner with […]