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Accent Modification

Each individual speaks and communicates in their own unique way. We live in a world where it is more probable than not that our friends, neighbors, neighborhood grocers etc. all sound different and say things differently. Accents may differ depending upon the region where a speaker comes from or may be a result of learning a different language later in life.

The presence of a strong accent can sometimes make personal and professional growth difficult. Some of my clients have felt that their thick accents made it difficult for others to understand them and as a result they felt like they were poor communicators. As a result some felt like they were not receiving promotions or professional growth opportunities compared to some others. This is especially true for those that are required to speak publicly or interact with clientele as part of their job requirements.

Expert Care

A speech therapist can help you learn how to modify an accent to communicate with different types of listeners may be very beneficial and help us to integrate easily in different communication settings. Sometimes all it takes is learning how to alter just a few sounds to make a large difference.


Here are some common complaints:

  • “What did you say?” 

  • “Can you repeat that?” 

  • “I can’t understand what you’re saying” 

  • “Can you write it down instead?” 

  • “Can you ask someone else to repeat that?” 

It is important to note that speech therapy to modify an accent is not considered to be a disorder of speech or language or a medically necessary service. Most insurance companies will not cover this service.

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