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Articulatory and Phonological Disorders

Phonological Disorders :

Phonological disorders are deficits in areas including speech production, perception and other phonological processes. A phonological disorder could vary between children, and often displays patterns of sound errors persisting past expected developmental time. Some children often overuse certain patterns to make their speech production easier. For example, some children display habits of fronting of /k/ and /g/ and final consonant deletion.


Articulation disorders

Articulation disorders are usually submissions, omissions, additions, and distortions of speech sound. Children who have articulation disorders often have a hard time generating the correct movements to create speech sounds. For example, some children substitute /t/ for /th/.

Common complaints include:

  • “My child can’t say K, R etc.”
  • “My child has a lisp” 
  • “My child mixes up sounds”
  • “People can’t understand what my child is saying” 
  • “My child isn’t speaking clearly” 


Speech sound disorders are very treatable and a qualified speech therapist is trained to complete a detailed assessment of  each speech sound produced and can provide treatment strategies for appropriate placement and accurate production of the sound. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

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