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Dementia and other Cognitive Disorders

Often a result of brain injury or age related cognitive decline. Very commonly seen with dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s, Lewy body dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment. Attention, memory, problem solving, processing information, speed of processing information, reasoning, interpreting language etc. are commonly affected thus affecting communication as well as activities of daily living like managing medications, finances, appointments etc. These are things I’ll often hear my patients say:
  • I can’t remember where I put things.

  • I’m forgetting names, dates and places.

  • I can’t get the words out!

  • I’m losing my mind!

  • I can’t seem to organize my thoughts.

  • I forget to be safe/ have frequent falls.

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Treatment may involve administering a standardized cognitive assessment which includes testing short term memory, attention, language components, visuospatial skills, reasoning, executive functioning abilities etc. Evidence over the years has demonstrated the effectiveness of various programs for treatment of cognitive linguistic disorders. These include the use of spaced retrieval training, reminiscence therapy etc. To schedule a consultation or to learn more about our services, please contact at 425-242-3294 or email us at