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Voice Disorders

Sparc Health is here to assist kids, adults, and business professionals who are suffering from voice disorders. We offer treatments for overuse, misuse, cleft or Ear, Nose or Throat infection in children. Did you know that nearly 40% of children have speech disorders? Speech therapy for kids with voice disorders is an essential part of their development.

This may be a result of an impairment in physical structure, like vocal nodules, paralysis of the vocal cords, cancer of the head, neck or throat or simply age related changes to the vocal structures. However, sometimes voice disorders may be a result of ineffective or improper use of the vocal mechanism. This may mean putting too much strain on our vocal cords, improper breathing and voice coordination, unresolved psychological conflict etc. These are some common complaints:

  • My voice sounds different.

  • Why can’t people hear me?

  • Why am I running out of breath while speaking?

  • People make fun of my voice.

  • My throat hurts when I speak!

  • I sound nasal or high-pitched.

  • I’m losing my voice!

Begin Treatment

Learn strategies to improve your vocal health, avoid strain and maximize the quality of your voice. A voice disorder can cause an individual to feel embarrassed, avoid social interaction and negatively affect our quality of voice.

We offer a variety of services for children and adults with voice disorders including treatment, prevention, and education. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help, please contact us at 425-242-3294 or